Full social content management, Jive meets Alfresco

Alfstore is now offering a new edition of its application integrating Alfresco document management with the Jive Engage Platform


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Continuously evolving, our widget brings both solutions toward more usability and productivity for enterprises employees. The capability to seamlessly socialize content from our widget to Jive community interface makes the content centric collaboration much easier than before.

Being the first solution deployed in a high volume environment has allowed us to build a very robust solution and thoroughly tested.

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This Jive Widget exposes the content of an Alfresco repository in a tree-view way. It provides all in-line editing features for documents and folders.

The user can then easily access to any type of documents, through the Jive interface. Only the common document management operations are exposed to make the interface as simple as possible.

Document management

Actions on documents

- Create (upload), Update, Delete,

- Edit : from the Jive interface, the user can edit and save a document directly into Alfresco (using the CIFS or the WebDAV protocols),

- Send link by email,

- Copy link into clipboard: this allow the user to reuse the Alfresco URL to start collaborating around the document, using the Jive social and collaborative features.

- Quick file preview from Jive web interface

Actions on folders

- Create, Delete, Refresh, Rename.


-The user can also search Alfresco documents using a google like search box, directly from the Jive Widget interface.


Other Features


This component offers a very simplified view of the Alfresco document repository, and it can really be used as easily as a windows explorer.

The Widget layout is light and small so it can be integrated on a multi-column page with others Jive widgets. 
As any other Widget component, it can be included in the Jive Dashboard (either the global Dashboard, but also in Groups, Project and Spaces context, etc), using the Widget Drag & Drop Wizard.



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- This Widget is fully tested on Jive SBS v4.x.

- The Widget uses Alfresco Web Script, and is compliant with Alfresco DM v2.x, 3.x.

Enterprise version

Along with a professional support, the commercial version will include more advanced features, like:

- Support for Enterprise SSO solutions (SSO CAS, etc),

- Multi-file upload,

- And more Social Content Management features.




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