Alfstore Portlet for IBM WebSphere is the best way to access and manage content from your enterprise portal.



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Already used by thousands of users in multiple instances, it is a now a robust and proven solution to deploy a content management system in your organization via your websphere portal.

Document management

The treeview portlet exposes the content of an Alfresco space in the tree-view way. It provides all in-line editing features for documents and folders.

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This Portlet is as simple as a Windows explorer view, and the interface can really be used by non-advanced users (no training required).

Through the portal, the user can then easily access to his/her documents. Of course, the Alfresco permissions are properly managed, and the user will only see the documents he/she is granted to.

Only the common document management operations are exposed to make the interface as simple as possible:

Actions on folders:

- Create new folder, Delete, Refresh, Rename.

- Upload new document.

Actions on documents:

- Update (replace the current copy), Rename, Delete,

- Send the document link by email,

- Copy the document link to clipboard,

- Edit : user can edit and save a document directly online from the portal (using the CIFS or the WebDAV protocols).

- Quick file preview from the websphere portal

Search feature:

- A google like search box is provided to search for documents in Alfresco.

- This feature use the Alfresco embedded search engine (Lucene).

Other features

An advanced configuration mode allowing flexible appearance and functionality tuning. For example, the CIFS protocol can be disabled, and the user can select a specific space as the "root folder" to start the navigation. 

The Portlet layout is light and small so it can be integrated on a multi-column page with others portlets.



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